☽lizz☾ 23. artist. vegan. lover of adventure / cats / books / astrology / yoga / rainy days / crystals / music and dancing ۞ sun sign: leo ♌ :: moon: capricorn ♑ :: rising: aries ♈ *all images are original*

peaceful day spent at cahokia mounds

awesome suspended art sculpture at phases of the moon

jordan ~ shot with my diana mini

finally got the pictures i took at phases of the moon developed. so expect a flood of shots for the next few days :)

crystal lovinnn~ my attempt to capture the beautiful rainbow spot in this quartz

candid kitty shot

my pendulums :)

(starting at the top going clockwise) : smokey quartz, tiger iron, smokey quartz again, fire agate and the rainbow one is made of red, peach, yellow and green adventrine, turquoise, blue adventrine and amethyst

card of the day : nine of wands *reversed*

excessive worry will not change the situation / if feeling overwhelmed confide in friends / don’t put your spirituality on the back burner even when life becomes busy

wow, i really needed to hear all of this today. i have been feeling very overwhelmed and my spiritual life has suffered.. i think this is a great reminder to everyone ~don’t worry, be happy~

green calcite : calming energy / helps with anxiety and panic attacks / mental healer

this was the first stone that i fell in love with. calcite has a wonderful “feel good” energy. green calcite has helped me cope with my anxiety.


the growing patch collection.. hoping to get all of these sewn in the next few days.

my first piece of moss agate. gifted to me by a friend at phases of the moon. i love this little guy and how the moss pattern looks like a tree.

moss agate : restores ones strength and refreshes soul / promotes communication and self expression / enhances endurance and success


hematite : protects from negativity / grounds nervous energy / helps to discover inner strength, confidence and power

ain’t life grand?

taking the weekend off…

getting really excited to leave tomorrow for phases of the moon music festival!! packing everything last minute.. of course. its going to be coooold, getting down to low 40’s at night. any suggestions/tips for cold weather camping?

card of the day : knight of wands

you are charged up and full of energy / ready to be productive and get things done / increase in self confidence